Contain Your Business’ Waste With An Industrial Compactor

When it comes to cutting down on the amount of waste that you produce, one of the easiest steps you can take is investing in a trash compactor. These machines compact your waste so that it takes up less room. While some people have small trash compactors in their homes that help cut down on the amount of garbage bags they use each week, many companies invest in large, industrial compactors to cut down on their high volume waste. Solomon Container Services (SCS) proudly offers two different types of compactors designed to fit clients’ compact waste removal needs.

When investing in a compactor from SCS, you can choose between a stationary compactor and a self-contained compactor. Both compactors are expertly installed and serviced by our team for optimal production and safety. These compactors are most frequently installed on loading docks, easy for daily usage and waste removal. Aren’t sure what the difference between the two is? Let’s check it out.

Stationary Compactor

A stationary compactor is usually bolted or welded to the ground and compacts dry waste. This waste can include cardboard, plastic, paper, etc. The compacted material is then packed into a compaction trailer or a container that can be taken away and disposed of or recycled.

Self-Contained Compactor

A self-contained compactor is usually larger than a stationary compactor and is designed to compact wet waste. The waste itself does not have to be wet — it can simply be waste that only produces liquid while going through the compacting process. These industrial compactors often have an additional container attached that houses the liquid waste.

Compacting Service Choices – Industrial Compactors

Once you’ve chosen which waste compactor will fit your needs, there are additional items that can be added for easy usage. One such item is a chute. Often installed through the wall of the building, chutes allow waste to be placed in the compactor without having to walk outside of the building. A chute can be installed no matter if you have a stationary or self-contained compactor.

Doghouses add additional security to your compactor. This type of compactor is protected by a secured enclosure over the chamber. For additional safety, a security door can be mounted on the compactor, either on one side, both sides, or on the rear.

One final addition that can be made to your Solomon Container Service compactor is a custom conveyor system. The system brings the materials straight to the compactor for packing. We also provide cart dumping systems, which are convenient for larger waste materials.

Let Solomon Container Services Provide The Compacting Service Your Business Needs

Solomon Container Service is dedicated to providing customers throughout NEPA with professional compactor installation and service. We’ve provided numerous large warehouses and distribution centers with our services and have installed more than 55 compactors since the founding of Solomon Container Service. Contact us today to learn more about how our compactor services can help fulfill your waste removal needs.