Installation of Stationary and Self-Contained Compactors

Solomon Compactor

Solomon Container Service specializes in compactor installation and service. SCS fabricates all installations to meet our client’s individual needs for optimal production and safety. We provide commercial and industrial businesses with custom installation, repair, service, and sales. SCS has installed more than 55 compactors for customers throughout NEPA over the past 35 years.

Dock Installations

Loading docks are the most frequently used locations for compactor installations.

Through-The-Wall Chutes

Chutes allow end users to dispose of waste and recyclables without having to walk outside of their building. Chutes can be installed for use with both stationary and self-contained compactors.


A doghouse is a compactor with a secured enclosure over the chamber of the compactor. The security door can be mounted on one side, both sides, or on the rear of the compactor.

Solomon Container Service provides some of the largest warehouses and distributions centers in Northeastern Pennsylvania with our compactor installation, service, and repair services. Additionally, we provide custom conveyor fed applications as well cart dumping systems. Contact us for references or to visit a customer of ours with an installed high-volume waste and recycling compactor system.

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