August 28, 2020

Contain Your Business’ Waste With An Industrial Compactor

When it comes to cutting down on the amount of waste that you produce, one of the easiest steps you can take is investing in a trash compactor. These machines compact your waste so that it takes up less room. While some people have small trash compactors in their homes that help cut down on […]

July 31, 2020

Why Rinse Recycling?

At Solomon Container Service, we offer a variety of services including single-stream recycling. Single-stream recycling is a type of recycling that does not require the items collected to be separated into different containers based on what category they fall under, such as paper, plastic, or metal. Instead, the single-stream recycling company picks up all of […]

May 28, 2020

Spring Clean This Season with Solomon Containers

As the weather warms, many people begin to spring clean their homes and get rid of clutter that has built up throughout the past year. But this year, with an increasing number of families spending more time at home, some people are deep cleaning their homes, venturing into forgotten closets and organizing everything in sight. […]

April 6, 2020

How COVID-19 Has Changed Recycling & The Waste Industry

For the safety of our employees and those in our community during the spread of COVID-19, we have closed our recycling drop-off center and our document shredding drop-off service. However, we will continue to accept recyclables from our municipal and commercial customers and continue with our front load and roll-off services. When we feel it […]

March 9, 2020

The Importance of Confidential Shredding

Spring is in the air and with the seasonal change comes the need for spring cleaning. When it comes to confidential paperwork you no longer need, you may have concerns on how to dispose of it properly and where. Luckily, Solomon Confidential Shredding (SCS) provides secure destruction services to customers in Wilkes-Barre, Scranton, Hazelton, and […]

February 13, 2020

Recycling Made Easy with Single-Stream Recycling at Solomon Container Service

The recycling process is more complex than just tossing recyclable materials into a curbside bin to be collected. In the past, consumers had to separate their recyclables by type which was a timely process and one many individuals did not want to do. Now, with single-stream recycling and the support of it by local municipalities […]